Why are there two holes at the bottom of a pool skimmer?

Why Are There Two Holes at the Bottom of a Pool Skimmer?

have two skimmers, one has two holes and the other only one. Why are there two holes at the bottom of a pool skimmer was one of the earliest questions I had when I first got my inground pool and started to clean it….

What equipment do I need to clean my pool? A beginners guide

Best Pool Cleaning Tools – The Essentials

What swimming pool cleaning tools do you need is an important question asked by most new swimming pool owners. Cleaning a pool is not rocket science but you will need some essential swimming pool cleaning equipment to maintain it properly and keep it clean.

How long should you stay in a hot tub

How Long Is Too Long in A Hot Tub?

Ending a stressful week with a long soak in a hot tub can be truly invigorating. You let all your troubles melt away, but if you feel like something else might be melting as well, then you have been in that hot tub for far too long. But how long should your hot tub session…

Pool chlorine stabilizer

How to Add Stabilizer to a Pool? The Easy Guide to CYA

A pool conditioner or stabilizer is a chemical used to protect your pool’s chlorine from the UV rays of the sun which makes chlorine evaporate. If you add the right amount at the right time, you’ll save a lot of time and effort purchasing more chlorine. You will need to test your pool’s water chemistry…

How to lower chlorine levels in a pool

8 Tips on How to Lower Chlorine Levels in a Pool

When the temperature starts to rise, many of us are desperate to open up our backyards once again to pool parties, family barbecues, and plenty of laughs. But what if your chlorine levels are too high to allow swimming to take place? This article will give you 8 tips on how to lower chlorine levels in…

How to Close an Inground Pool for Winter

How to Close an Inground Pool for Winter – Step by Step

It is always a sad moment when the pool season ends meaning no more watery fun until the spring. In order to be able to get your pool ready as quickly as possible in the spring, and to reduce the possibility of damage, you need to make sure you close (winterize) your pool properly. Ensuring…

How to keep frogs out of pool

How to Keep Frogs Away From Your Pool?

If you have a lot of frogs in your pool and backyard, you can stop their numbers from growing by keeping them away from your swimming pool. This tends to be more of an issue for pool owners of an inground pool rather than an above ground pool as it is much more difficult for…

How to clean pool filter cartridges

How to Clean Pool Filter Cartridges: What You Need to Know

A clean and healthy pool filter is vital for ensuring the pool water is free from dirt and debris. If you have a dirty filter then trying to clean a pool will be much more difficult. Cleaning your cartridge filter for the first time may seem daunting, but you’ll be pleased to know it’s not…

will running a pool pump prevent freezing

Will Running Pool Pump Prevent Freezing? Find Out Here

Keeping your pool open in the winter months sounds like a great idea, but it takes a lot of effort, especially if you live in a very cold region. A frozen pool can lead to a lot of issues so it’s best to take measures to stop that from happening. One of the most common…

How to use a floating chlorine dispenser

How to Use a Floating Chlorine Dispenser in a Pool: Complete Guide

If you lead a busy lifestyle and struggle to keep up with basic pool maintenance, then you may find that using a floating chlorinator will at least take the effort out of ensuring that your pool receives a sufficient amount of chlorine. Floating chlorine dispensers are a great addition to both aboveground and inground pools…

How to empty an above ground pool

How to Drain an Above Ground Pool

Above ground pools are more likely to experience algae growth due to the lack of circulation of water. This means that they will need to be drained regularly to keep them clean and filled with fresh water. There are a few different ways to drain the water from an above ground swimming pool. One of…

How to drain a swimming pool

How to Drain a Swimming Pool — In 5 Easy Steps

Draining a swimming pool is not something you will need to do often, certainly not with an inground pool, and is generally only required in order to repair the structure, to cure a plumbing leak or if you have major contamination. Draining a pool completely is not without risks to the structure of the pool…