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Articles about how to recognise and deal with algae in a pool

  • Using a Pressure Washer To Remove Algae in a pool

    Using a Pressure Washer to Remove Algae in a Pool

    I don’t get an infestation of algae in my pool very often, fortunately, as I keep on top of my pool maintenance. However, I went away for ten days, leaving my wife in charge of the pool, and returned to find algae starting to grow on the walls and in the corners. In the past,…

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  • Essential Pool Care Tip

    9 Essential Pool Care Tips to Keep Algae at Bay

    Taking care of your swimming pool can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! With a few essential pool care tips, you can keep algae at bay and maintain a crystal clear, healthy swimming environment. Algae growth not only ruins the appearance of your pool but also creates slippery surfaces, clogs…

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  • how to get rid of algae in pool

    Algae 101: Get Rid of Green, Mustard and Black Algae in Pool

    As summer’s warm, golden rays beckon, the allure of a cool, refreshing dip in your pool becomes irresistible. However, the sight of murky, green-tinted water can throw a wrench into your plans. The most common culprit? Algae! These unwelcome guests can be more than a nuisance, transforming your crystal-clear oasis into a swampy mess. But…

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  • How to kill algae

    Getting Rid of Algae in Your Pool Quickly

    Pool owners know that even chlorinated water can be a breeding ground for a number of pests. If you are a new owner, then you’ve probably faced the dreaded green pool! Don’t sweat, even seasoned owners will tell you that this problem isn’t as uncommon as you’d think. Dirty pools are home to all kinds…

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  • How to Get Rid of Algae Dust in a Pool

    How to Get Rid of Algae Dust in a Pool (in 30 Minutes)

    Any form of algae in a pool is not good news. Algae dust is no exception as once you have dealt with a green pool and killed an algae bloom using chemicals the dead algae sits on the bottom of the pool making it look very unpleasant. Removing dead algae in pool in the form…

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