How to Drain an Inground Pool Below Skimmer 1

How to Drain an Inground Pool Below Skimmer

There are generally two reasons why you may want to lower your pool’s water level below the skimmer. to reduce the risk of the water freezing in the skimmer during the winter and damaging it. if you have a leak in your skimmer housing and need to fix it or replace the skimmer housing completely….

LED pool lighting

LED Pool Lighting – Are LED Pool Lights Worth Installing?

Having pool lighting can certainly enhance your pool experience and allow you to make the most of having a swimming pool. But some pool owners will make much greater use of pool lights than others will. Pool lights can extend the amount of time you use your pool by allowing you to swim into the…

Why Are My Pool Jets Blowing Air Bubbles? 2

Why Are My Pool Jets Blowing Air Bubbles?

Air bubbles coming out of your pool jets and into your pool is a common problem that you may experience, especially when opening for the pool season. If you have just the odd bubble then that can be quite normal but if you have persistent air bubbles, particularly if the air comes out in substantial…

how to cool pool water in summer

How Can I Keep My Pool From Getting Hot in the Summer?

A pool getting too hot is not a problem that many people encounter, in fact it might be a problem some would be grateful for that live in colder areas. But it can be a big problem for those that live in some of the warmer parts as when it is hot is just the…

Is It OK to Pee in the Pool

Is It OK to Pee in the Pool? Just Gross or Harmful Too?

Most people would certainly think that taking a pee in the pool is gross, and who can disagree with them as no one wants to swim in other people’s pee. It does happen though, perhaps more often than you may think, particularly with small children. Peeing in the pool might sound relatively harmless, particularly as…

How Long Can a Pool Go Without a Pump

How Long Can a Pool Go Without a Pump?

What happens if your pool pump breaks and you can’t fix it, or it breaks over a holiday when no techs can make a house call? Just how long can your pool go without a pump and still be ok to swim in? A pool can only go a short time without a pump, perhaps…

Where Does Backwash Pool Water Go?

Where Does Backwash Pool Water Go? Best Ways to Dump It

When you backwash a pool filter, or when you vacuum a pool to waste, the water that is pumped from the pool does not return to the pool. So where does it go? When you backwash the pool water exits the pool and in general either goes directly into the sewer system or to somewhere…

When Can Babies Go In the Pool?

When Can Babies Go In the Pool?

Swimming in a pool with babies can be such a fun and cute experience.  Everything from their tiny bathing suits and floppy sun hats to their large and brightly colored flotation devices will bring a smile to anyone’s face. Knowing what age can babies go in the pool is an integral part of preparing for…

Should I run my pool pump at night

Should I Run My Pool Pump at Night?

It’s the age-old question among pool owners, “When is the best time to run a pool pump? Should it be daytime or nighttime?” There are certain situations when it is a good idea to run your pool pump at night, such as when you have shocked the pool in the evening or if you have…

Should I run my pool pump when it rains

Should I Run My Pool Pump When it Rains?

If you have a pool, you probably wonder about the best practices for maintaining the right chemical balance in the water, especially when it rains. You might ask yourself questions about what chemicals to add after the rain stops; when you should clean the pool after rain; and whether or not you should run the…