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Articles about above ground pools – choosing, installing and cleaning

  • how to level for above ground pool

    Preparing the Ground for an Above Ground Pool

    Setting up an above-ground pool for those perfect summer dips is exciting, but it’s crucial to remember that the key to a sturdy and safe installation begins right at ground level – literally. If your pool is not on a flat surface, it could lead to structural problems, uneven water distribution, or, worse, a potential…

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  • Buying an Above Ground Pool

    Tips For Buying an Above Ground Pool

    Above ground pools can add an element of luxury, entertainment, and relaxation to your home, especially during those scorching summer months. These pools are also perfect for throwing parties and creating unforgettable moments with friends and family. Above ground pools are often chosen over their inground counterparts due to their affordability and ease of installation.…

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  • can you put an above ground pool inground

    Can You Put an Above Ground Pool in the Ground? 

    Building a standard in-ground concrete-lined or even a fibreglass swimming pool can cost a fortune given the expenses involved, especially the people that need to be hired and the heavy machinery that needs to be rented.  This, however, begs the question, could you theoretically put a cheaper above-ground pool into the ground so that it…

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  • How to empty an above ground pool

    Draining an Above Ground Pool Easily

    Above ground pools are more likely to experience algae growth due to the lack of circulation of water. This means that they will need to be drained regularly to keep them clean and filled with fresh water. There are a few different ways to drain the water from an above ground swimming pool. One of…

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