How to open a pool

Easy Guide to Opening a Swimming Pool for The Season

So you’re finally ready to use your inground pool (or above ground pool) after a long, cold winter, and you’re wondering how you actually go about opening a swimming pool. Many pool owners seem to believe that they need help from a pool professional to open and close a pool but that certainly isn’t true….

How to winterize and above ground pool

How to Winterize an Above Ground Pool

Unless you live in a location where the climate is hot to mild all year round, you will need to winterize your above ground swimming pool before the colder weather kicks in to prevent it from being damaged and also to reduce the time it takes to open it again in the spring. Our easy…

How to get rid of ducks in a pool

How To Keep Ducks Out Of Your Pool – 11 Useful Tips

As much as I like ducks their place is not in my swimming pool. Keeping ducks out of your pool is essential if you want to keep your pool clean and fresh. Watching a few ducks fly in and out of your backyard pool is a wonderful sight, however, it can become frustrating when you’re…

what is pool coping and do you need pool coping

Pool Coping: What Is It and Why a Pool Needs It?

An in-ground swimming pool is almost incomplete without coping around its edges. That’s why, if you’re thinking of building a pool in your home area or buying a new house with one, pool coping is an integral part of pool design and must be taken care of. Often people consider pool coping for aesthetics. But…

What Happens If You Swim in a Shocked Pool

What Happens If You Swim in a Shocked Pool?

Pool shock treatment is basically just a high concentration of chlorine and is designed to kill micro-organisms and organic waste. The kind of problems you might face from going into a very recently shocked pool depends on how high the free chlorine level in the pool is. Everything from your clothes to your body and…

Should a Pool Main Drain Be Open or Closed

Should a Pool Main Drain Be Open or Closed?

Whether a pool main drain should be open or closed as a normal part of pool maintenance is not an unreasonable question that many pool owners have and is certainly something I asked about when I first bought my house with an in-ground pool. With so many pool valves and settings in the pool plumbing…

How to Drain an Inground Pool Below Skimmer 1

How to Drain an Inground Pool Below Skimmer

There are generally two reasons why you may want to lower your pool’s water level below the skimmer. to reduce the risk of the water freezing in the skimmer during the winter and damaging it. if you have a leak in your skimmer housing and need to fix it or replace the skimmer housing completely….

LED pool lighting

LED Pool Lighting – Are LED Pool Lights Worth Installing?

Having pool lighting can certainly enhance your pool experience and allow you to make the most of having a swimming pool. But some pool owners will make much greater use of pool lights than others will. Pool lights can extend the amount of time you use your pool by allowing you to swim into the…

Why Are My Pool Jets Blowing Air Bubbles? 2

Why Are My Pool Jets Blowing Air Bubbles?

Air bubbles coming out of your pool jets and into your pool is a common problem that you may experience, especially when opening for the pool season. If you have just the odd bubble then that can be quite normal but if you have persistent air bubbles, particularly if the air comes out in substantial…

how to cool pool water in summer

How to Cool Pool Water in Summer? 8 Ways to Help Chill Out

A backyard pool getting too hot is not a problem that many people encounter, in fact it might be a problem some would be grateful for if they live in colder areas. But it can be a big problem for those that live in some of the warmer parts as, when the weather is hot,…