What is a pool noodle

What is a Pool Noodle? What can you do with them?

Up to 8 million pool noodles are sold each year in the US alone, making the inventor, Steve Hartman, a very rich man. But what are they? A pool noodle is a long cylinder of flexible foam, usually made of polyethylene, which is up to 6 feet in length and 3 inches in diameter. They…

How to drain water from a pool after rain

How to Drain Water From a Pool After Rain

It is surprising just how quickly a pool can become full, and even overflow, after a heavy downpour of rain. We get virtually no rain for much of the year where I live but when we do it really rains and my pool overflows. To drain water from a pool after rain you will either…

Is It Safe to Swim While the Pool Pump Is Running? 4

Is It Safe to Swim While the Pool Pump Is Running?

Pool safety is of course very important and new pool owners will naturally have many questions initially, not least of which is whether it is safe to swim when the pool pump is running (or without). It is safe to swim while the pool pump is running and, in fact, having the filter working while…

Why is my pool losing water

Why Is My Pool Losing Water? It May Not Be What You Fear

When a pool starts losing water it is not unreasonable to start panicking and imagine the thousands of dollars that you may need to spend to dig up pipework, replace the liner or do other major works. All pools lose water and it is easy to jump to the conclusion that you must have a…

skimmer not skimming

Why Is My Skimmer Not Skimming? This Is What to Check

Having debris and bugs floating around on the surface of your pool is not nice for swimmers. If you constantly have this then it is likely that you will find the skimmer not skimming properly so you need to investigate. There are a number of things that could result in your pool skimmer not working,…

Are infinity pools suitable for backyard installation?

Are Infinity Pools Suitable for Backyard Installation?

In the right setting an infinity pool is a wonderful thing. I have swum in a few endless swimming pools in some hotels that I have stayed in that were located in lovely elevated settings and the effect was truly magical. There is little or no point in having an infinity pool unless you are…

Why are there two holes at the bottom of a pool skimmer?

Why Are There Two Holes at the Bottom of a Pool Skimmer?

have two skimmers, one has two holes and the other only one. Why are there two holes at the bottom of a pool skimmer was one of the earliest questions I had when I first got my inground pool and started to clean it….

how to bleed air from a pool pump or filter

How to Bleed Air From a Pool Pump or Filter | How to Prime

Getting an air lock in your pool system somewhere is something you are probably going to frequently encounter but fortunately it is easy to rectify in most cases once you know how to get air out of pool pump. The most frequent places you are likely to get air trapped are in your pool pump…