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Best Pool Vacuum Heads

Although the title of this post is Best Pool Vacuum Head, to be honest, I don’t think there is such a thing.

Although there are some great pool vacuum heads available, generally, I find that there isn’t one that does everything I want. There are at least none that I have used so far.

Fortunately, vacuum heads are not expensive, so you can have more than one, as I have, to tackle particular cleaning jobs.

Best Pool Vacuum Head
The three pool vacuum heads I use currently
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My Pool Vacuum Heads

So, I have three different vacuum heads that cover different situations:

  1. I have a flexible vacuum head (an older version of the Fibropool below) that is great for not only cleaning the floor of my pool but also, as it will bend around the curved join between the floor and the walls, cleans that well, too.
    It does not have brushes, so it is also good for vacuuming light debris, such as algae dust, without disturbing it.
  2. I have a vacuum head with brushes underneath that is great for general cleaning, particularly if there is stubborn debris on the bottom, which the brushes can remove.
    However, this type is not so good when vacuuming light debris, such as algae dust, as the brushes tend to disturb it before it can be vacuumed. The algae dust then goes into suspension and settles on the bottom again.
  3. I also bought a small corner brush vacuum head a few years ago in a pool store. I didn’t think it would work that well, but it was cheap, so I bought it.
    It is excellent for cleaning the corners and in hard-to-reach places such as the rungs of my pool ladder.

I am not suggesting that you immediately buy three different vacuum heads, but you may find that you will accumulate some different types over time, as I have. Fortunately, they are not very expensive, so having more than one isn’t a big expense.

Anyway, this is my selection of the best pool vacuum heads to make your pool cleaning tasks easier and more efficient. Check out the list below to find the best vacuum head for inground and above-ground pools.

FibroPool Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

FibroPool Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head

Consider the FibroPool Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head for an efficient and convenient pool cleaning experience.

I consider this type to be the best pool vacuum for dead algae.


  • Generous cleaning area for efficient cleaning
  • Good for vacuuming light debris
  • 6 integrated weights for consistent seal
  • Standard 1.5″ hose connection for convenience


  • Heavy compared to some other vacuum heads
  • Some assembly issues were reported
  • It may not be packaged securely for shipping

The FibroPool Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Head is designed to simplify pool cleaning tasks. Its generous cleaning area, measuring 14.4″ x 10.5″ x 2.25″, covers a large surface, ensuring a thorough cleaning experience.

The pool cleaner head’s flexible thermoplastic body adapts to every curve and contour of the pool’s surface, providing a more effective cleaning solution.

One of the significant benefits of this vacuum head is its six integrated weights, which assure a consistent seal on all pool surfaces for superior cleaning power. The vacuum suction port connects to a standard 1.5″ hose, making it compatible with your existing equipment – no need to purchase proprietary accessories.

A chrome-plated metal handle attaches to most standard-sized extension poles, ensuring durability and easy maneuverability. Long-lasting urethane wheels with metal ball bearings roll smoothly on your pool’s surface, protecting it from damage.

While the FibroPool vacuum head is praised for its cleaning capabilities and solid construction, it is heavier than others. Some customers have reported minor assembly issues and concerns about the packaging not sufficiently protecting the vacuum head during shipping.

This is the best pool vacuum for algae and dead algae that I have used as it doesn’t have brushes that disturb the dead algae before it can be vacuumed.

Milliard Deluxe Pool Vacuum Head

Milliard Deluxe Pool Vacuum Head/Weighted Triangle Shape/for Inground and Above Ground Swimming Poools (Blue, Grey, White)

The Milliard Deluxe Pool Vacuum Head offers easy and efficient cleaning for your pool.

This makes it a great choice for keeping it spotless.


  • Weighted design ensures it sinks to the bottom and stays there for effective cleaning
  • Specialty Corner Brushes for better cleaning in tight spaces
  • Universal Fit for standard vacuum hoses and poles


  • Some users reported bristles being bent or damaged in shipping
  • It may require extra force to move it along the pool floor
  • Additional weight may be needed to keep it flat on the pool floor

The Milliard Deluxe Pool Vacuum Head is designed to make cleaning your pool a breeze, thanks to its weighted design and triangular shape. It easily maneuvers around corners and along walls, ensuring you don’t miss any spots. The unique angled bristle sets at the corners sweep along the pool edges, making it easy to clean those challenging tight spaces.

Due to its universal fit, this vacuum head works with standard 1.25” and 1.5” vacuum hoses and is easily attachable to standard extension poles. The 12 soft brushes set on its 11” wide cleaning surface come with polypropylene bristles, which are firmer than nylon. This helps effectively remove debris and dirt from your pool’s floor.

However, some users experienced bristles arriving bent or damaged due to shipping. It’s also important to note that you may need to apply extra force when moving the pool suction head along the pool floor, and some users found that they had to add more weight to keep it flat on the bottom of the pool.

Overall, the Milliard Deluxe Pool Vacuum Head is a convenient and efficient way to maintain your pool, but inspect the bristles upon arrival and be prepared to make minor adjustments if needed.

U.S. Pool Supply 11″ Weighted Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head

U.S. Pool Supply 11" Weighted Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head, 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" Swivel Hose Connection - Cleans Floor Debris - Safe for Vinyl Lined Pools

This US Pool Supply Butterfly vacuum head is a reliable and affordable way to keep your pool clean and debris-free.


  • Compatible with 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ hoses
  • Weighted design for better contact with the pool floor
  • Safe for vinyl-lined pools


  • May struggle with curved pool edges
  • It can require more effort for effective cleaning
  • Not so good for vacuuming light debris

The U.S. Pool Supply 11″ Weighted Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head offers a simple and efficient cleaning solution for your swimming pool. Its swivel head connection allows compatibility with both 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ hoses, making it a versatile option for various pool setups.

With a weighted body design, this vacuum head maintains consistent contact with the pool floor to remove debris and keep your pool pristine. It may or may not be the best vinyl pool vacuum head, but Its construction is particularly safe for vinyl-lined pools, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about potential damage to your pool during cleaning.

However, it’s worth noting that this pool skimmer head may have difficulty cleaning curved edges. You might have to put in extra effort to clean those areas thoroughly. Although the vacuum head is mostly efficient, some users have reported occasional issues with shipping and deliveries, which may impact your overall purchase experience.

The U.S. Pool Supply 11″ Weighted Butterfly Pool Vacuum Head provides a solid and budget-friendly solution for maintaining a clean and inviting pool throughout the swimming season. Despite minor drawbacks, its compatibility, weighted design, and safety for vinyl pools make it a worthwhile consideration for your pool maintenance needs.

Aquatix Pro Pool Step & Corner Vacuum Brush

Aquatix Pro Pool Step & Corner Vacuum Brush Best for Above Ground & Inground Swimming Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs, Fine Bristles, 1-1/2 Hose & 1-1/4 Pole Connection, Tackles Hard to Reach Places

The Aquatix Pro Step & Corner Pool Vacuum Brush is a valuable addition to your pool cleaning tools, designed to tackle hard-to-reach areas effectively.


  • Effective for corners, steps, and odd-shaped areas
  • Compatible with above-ground, in-ground pools, spas, and hot tubs
  • Easy to use and maneuver


  • Bristles might become brittle over time
  • Hose connections may not fit all hoses
  • Suction is not optimal for larger debris like leaves

Aquatix Pro’s Step & Corner Pool Vacuum Brush is designed to simplify pool cleaning tasks. It specifically targets stubborn corners, steps, and odd-shaped areas. Its fine nylon bristles glide effortlessly over the surfaces, ensuring the tightest spots are cleaned. This vacuum brush is a breeze to use because of its small and compact size.

Compatibility is essential, and this vacuum pool brush works with most standard 1-1/2″ hose connections and 1-1/4″ pool pole connections. It’s not just limited to swimming pools, as the brush is also ideal for use in spas and hot tubs. Your pool maintenance will never be the same with this handy tool in your collection.

However, remember that some users have reported the bristles becoming brittle over time and might break off in your pool. This happens with all pool vacuums that have nylon/plastic brushes.

Ensure that the hose connections fit your hose before purchasing, as it may not be a perfect fit for everyone. Also, this brush is better suited for vacuuming sand, silt, and small debris; it may struggle with larger debris like leaves.

Overall, the Aquatix Pro Pool Step & Corner Vacuum Brush offers excellent performance for hard-to-reach places and can be valuable to your pool cleaning routine.

Pool Vacuum Head Buying Guide

Choosing the best manual pool vacuum head can be daunting, especially with so many available options. This buying guide will help you find the perfect pool vacuum attachment. I break down the essential features to consider and give you some tips to make the right choice.

Pool size and shape

First, consider the size and shape of your pool.

If you have a smaller pool, a more compact swimming pool vacuum head might be sufficient. However, if you own a larger or uniquely shaped pool, a vacuum head designed specifically to handle curves or other unique shapes will be beneficial.

Brush quality

Next, take a close look at the brush quality.

A vacuum head with durable, sturdy bristles will ensure that debris is efficiently collected and your pool is thoroughly cleaned. On the other hand, a vacuum head with soft bristles can be useful if you have a vinyl pool liner to avoid scratches and damage.

Many vacuum heads have nylon/plastic brushes, which will likely become brittle and break off over time.


Other important factors are weight and ease of use. A lightweight vacuum head will be easier to maneuver around the pool, while a heavier one might require more effort.

Look for vacuum heads with ergonomic designs that make the cleaning process more straightforward and comfortable.


A good vacuum head should also have strong suction capabilities. Make sure the vacuum head you choose is compatible with your pool’s pump and filtration system, as this will ensure optimal performance.

Type of debris

Finally, it’s essential to consider the type of debris in your pool.

  • If you’re dealing with large debris, such as leaves and sticks, you may want to look for a vacuum head designed to handle more substantial materials.
  • If you struggle mainly with fine dirt and sand, a vacuum head with finer filter capabilities will be more appropriate. In this case, a vacuum head with brushes may not be the best.

To sum it up, when choosing the best pool vacuum head for your needs, remember to consider the following factors:

  1. Size and shape of your pool
  2. Brush quality
  3. Weight and ease of use
  4. Suction capabilities
  5. Type of debris in your pool

By carefully considering these aspects and weighing the pros and cons, you’ll be able to find a pool vacuum head that will keep your swimming area clean and inviting. Good luck and happy shopping!

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