Best Robotic Pool Cleaners: Are They Worth It?




Are you considering investing in a robotic pool cleaner but unsure if it’s worth the expense? Robotic pool cleaners represent a significant advancement in pool maintenance technology, offering an efficient and hassle-free solution to keeping your pool pristine. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, these automated devices navigate the pool autonomously, scrubbing and vacuuming debris from the water and surfaces.

Investing in a robotic pool cleaner saves time and effort and significantly improves your pool’s cleanliness, leaving it crystal clear and inviting. However, it’s important to consider whether their convenience and efficiency align with your pool maintenance needs and budget.

Well, we’ll be going over:

  1. What are the key benefits of using a robotic pool cleaner compared to traditional cleaning methods?
  2. How do robotic pool cleaners work, and what makes them an efficient cleaning solution?
  3. What are some top-rated robotic pool cleaners on the market, and what features make them stand out?

Whether you’re tired of manual pool cleaning or looking to upgrade your existing pool maintenance routine, understanding the value of robotic pool cleaners is crucial. Let’s explore their merits and help you determine if investing in one is the right choice for your pool.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners: Are They Worth It? 1
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Are Robotic Pool Cleaners Worth It?

After resisting for several years, I finally bit the bullet and bought a Dolphin robotic pool cleaner three years ago.

Have I regretted it? Not one bit.

In the last three seasons, I have saved hundreds of hours of tedious cleaning.

Now, I don’t have to stop what I am doing for an hour or so when my wife says, “Can you clean the pool as I want to swim this afternoon?” I can dump Robbie into the pool and switch him on (by the way, everyone seems to give their robot a name).

I have three neighbors who have bought a robotic pool cleaner after coming around and watching mine at work.

I am an active member of several Facebook pool cleaning groups, and the question of whether to buy a pool cleaning robot often arises. I am yet to see anyone have anything negative to say about getting one.

Everyone seems to love theirs.

Of course, a pool robot cannot do everything. For example:

  • There are still times when I need to clean manually. For example, when I open my pool, I always manually vacuum to waste as there would be too much dust, etc, for Robbie to cope with.
  • Also, in the rare times when I have an algae attack, after I have killed it, I need to vacuum the waste manually to remove the algae dust. This is because the dead algae are so fine and light that the movement in the water that the robot creates pushes it away from it without being collected.
  • Although they can climb steps in a pool, they are not generally good at cleaning them.

Apart from this, and using a pool net to remove any large quantities of leaves that may end up at the bottom of the pool after a storm, I seldom manually clean anymore.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

Now, full disclosure. I haven’t used or tested every robotic pool cleaner or anything close to it on the market.

The following robotic pool cleaning recommendations are based on my experience, my friends and neighbors and the consensus of those in the various pool cleaning forums/groups.

Quick Top Picks


Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi Control — Wall Climbing Capability  — Top Load Filters for Easy Maintenance — Ideal for Above/In-Ground Pools up to 50 FT in Length

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

The most popular robotic pool cleaner

Best Above Ground

Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner (2023 Model) — Massive Top-Loading Filter, Dual Motors, HyperBrush, HyperGrip Tracks, Smart Navigation — For Above Ground & In-Ground Pools up to 33ft

Dolphin Escape (2023 Model)

Perfect for above ground pools

Best Cordless

(2023 Upgrade) AIPER Seagull Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, Wall Climbing Pool Vacuum Lasts up to 180 Mins, Quad-Motor System, Smart Navigation, Ideal for Above/In-Ground Pools up to 3,200 Sq.ft

AIPER Seagull Pro Cordless

Up to 3 hours between charges

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi Control

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi Control — Wall Climbing Capability  — Top Load Filters for Easy Maintenance — Ideal for Above/In-Ground Pools up to 50 FT in Length

Best All-Round Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is the one most often recommended on the various pool cleaning forums. It is a reliable cleaner that offers top-notch performance and hassle-free maintenance.

I have two friends in the US who have them and both kick themselves for not buying one sooner (much like myself).


  • Efficient wall-climbing and CleverClean smart navigation system
  • Easy-to-maintain top-load filters
  • Plug-and-play system for convenient usage


  • Some users report difficulties with fine dirt filtration
  • Lacks advanced AI and sensors for precise cleaning direction
  • Heavier compared to other models

One of the most impressive things about the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is its wall-climbing and waterline-scrubbing abilities. Watching it climb the walls and pop its head out is quite fun. My dogs took a while to get used to that with my Dolphin before they stopped barking at it.

The CleverClean smart navigation system scans the pool bottom to cover every inch, effectively removing much of the hassle from pool maintenance. You also have the option of wifi control via an app.

The top-load filters are powerful and easily accessible, making maintenance a breeze. Debris is captured efficiently by well-designed filtering technology, leaving the pool sparkling clean. The plug-and-play system of this robotic pool cleaner means all you have to do is plug it in and drop it into the pool.

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus cleans your pool floor and walls using dual brushes in just two hours. These brushes are tough on dirt but gentle on your pool surface. With over 35 years of experience, Dolphin delivers unmatched performance and durability, giving you more time to enjoy your pool with friends and family.

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner (2023 Model) with Multimedia, Oversized Leaf Bag, Standard & Ultrafine Filters, Weekly Timer, Waterline Cleaning & More — for In-ground Swimming Pools up to 50ft

Great for Leaf Collection

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient robotic pool cleaner, the Dolphin Premier is an excellent choice that simplifies pool maintenance and delivers impressive results.


  • Easy to use and efficient cleaning
  • Advanced algorithms for complete pool coverage
  • Multiple filter options for various cleaning needs


  • It may struggle with some pool shapes
  • Higher price point compared to other models
  • Filter cleaning might be tedious for some users

Using the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner truly feels like a breeze. Just plug it in, press the button, and let it do its job. It’s perfect for in-ground pools up to 50 feet and is backed by a 3-year quality assurance guarantee. Its anti-tangle swivel cable ensures smooth maneuvering, making it easy for the cleaner to move around your pool efficiently.

The powerful dual scrubbing brushes provide an exceptionally clean, tackling tough dirt and debris on your pool floor, walls, and waterline in three hours. The cleaner’s CleverClean technology delivers a smart and efficient cleaning process using advanced algorithms for thorough pool coverage.

The Premier comes with various filters, from fine cartridge filters to an oversized fine filter bag so that you can choose the optimal filter for your pool’s needs. It also has an oversized leaf bag, so it is excellent if you have any overhanging trees that drop leaves in your pool.

The Dolphin Premier’s convenient weekly scheduler allows you to set the cleaner to clean your pool every day, every other day automatically, or every third day. The full filter indicator makes it easy to know when to clean or replace your filters.

AIPER Seagull SE Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

AIPER Seagull SE Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, Pool Vacuum Lasts 90 Mins, LED Indicator, Self-Parking, for Flat Above-Ground Pools up to 33 Feet - White

Good for Above Ground Pools

The AIPER Seagull SE Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is a strong contender for a very affordable, user-friendly and efficient pool maintenance solution.


  • Wireless and safe cleaning
  • Dual-drive motors with suction power
  • Self-parking technology


  • Not ideal for pools with varying depths
  • Filter may be difficult to clean
  • May not handle large debris effectively

The AIPER Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner impressed me with its 100% cord-free design and dual-drive motors, which provide powerful suction and prevent cord entanglement and power short-outs.

The cleaner lasts up to 90 minutes, making it perfect for above-ground pools (up to 33′ diameter) and in-ground flat-bottom pools (with only one depth, up to 40′ x 20′).

Additionally, the self-parking technology is a plus point. When the battery runs low or after completing a working cycle, the cleaner stops near the pool wall, allowing for easy and convenient retrieval using the included hook.

Although the AIPER cleaner offers several benefits, it may not be perfect for all pool types, especially those with varying depths. Moreover, the filter may be difficult to clean and may not handle large debris effectively. This cleaner does not climb and scrub walls or the waterline.

Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner (2023 Model)

Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner (2023 Model) — Massive Top-Loading Filter, Dual Motors, HyperBrush, HyperGrip Tracks, Smart Navigation — For Above Ground & In-Ground Pools up to 33ft

Best for above ground pools

An easy-to-use and efficient pool cleaner that can handle a variety of pools and materials, the Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner is a smart investment. Budget-friendly and packed with features, this cleaner will keep your pool looking its best throughout the season.

For above ground or in-ground pools
up to 33ft


  • Efficient cleaning for various pool shapes and materials
  • Large debris cartridge for fewer cleanings
  • Easy to handle at a lightweight 14 lbs


  • The cord may tangle due to the lack of a swivel
  • Cord length could be insufficient for some pools

The Dolphin Escape Robotic Pool Cleaner offers unparalleled performance at an affordable price point. Whether you have a vinyl, fiberglass, or gunite pool, this cleaner is the perfect solution. Forget about dealing with messy bags; the Escape’s HyperBrush Scrubbing Brush and oversized debris cartridge work together to eliminate difficult contaminants, algae, and debris.

Another highlight of the Dolphin Escape is its HyperGrip Continuous Tracks, which ensure an energy-efficient and thorough cleaning. Its advanced SmartNav 2.0 Robotic Scanning technology guarantees an optimized cleaning path without obstacles. With this pool cleaner, you can be sure your pool will look pristine.

Despite its many positives, the Dolphin Escape does have a few drawbacks. It may take a couple of cleaning cycles before your pool is completely clean, and the cord is prone to tangling due to the lack of a swivel. My Dolphin cleaner (not this model) doesn’t have a swivel, and I have never had a problem with the cord tangling.

Additionally, the hose length might not be sufficient for some larger pools. However, despite these minor issues, the Dolphin Escape balances performance and value, making it a solid choice for pool owners.

AIPER Seagull Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

(2023 Upgrade) AIPER Seagull Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner, Wall Climbing Pool Vacuum Lasts up to 180 Mins, Quad-Motor System, Smart Navigation, Ideal for Above/In-Ground Pools up to 3,200 Sq.ft

Best Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

The AIPER Seagull Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is a reliable and efficient pool cleaner option with advanced technology to simplify your pool maintenance tasks.

Suitable for various pool shapes and sizes.


  • Innovative quad-motor system for powerful cleaning
  • Works on floor, wall, and waterline with 4-wheel drive
  • 60% longer runtime and 50% shorter charging time


  • May struggle with certain types of pool drains
  • Potential for getting stuck on some stairs and steps

The AIPER Seagull Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner is a cutting-edge pool cleaner featuring WavePath Navigation Technology and a quad-motor system that effectively filters 130 gallons of water per minute. This pool vacuum is efficient and user-friendly thanks to its cordless design. Drop it in your pool and let it handle the cleaning while you enjoy some leisure time.

Designed to cater to various pool shapes and sizes, this pool cleaner works on in-ground and above-ground pools up to 3,200 sq. ft. The 4-wheel drive system allows for scalable wall-climbing and effective waterline scrubbing. With three cleaning modes, the AIPER Seagull Pro allows you to target specific trouble areas.

One of the standout features of this pool cleaner is its superior battery system. The built-in 9000mAh battery enables cleaning up to 180 minutes, 60% more than competitors, and charging time is reduced to just 90 minutes. However, some users have reported issues with the cleaner navigating around certain pool drain types. Additionally, there are concerns about the product’s long-term durability.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi Control — Wall Climbing Capability — Powerful Waterline Scrubbing — Ideal for In-Ground Pools up to 50 FT in Length

The Rolls Royce of Robotic Pool Cleaners

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme is a reliable and efficient choice for those who prioritize effectiveness and modern features in their pool cleaners.

Wi-Fi control and impressive wall-climbing capabilities.


  • Wi-Fi enabled for scheduling and control
  • Wall climbing and waterline scrubbing abilities
  • Energy-saving and active scrubbing brush


  • Heavier at 40.7 pounds
  • May struggle with very tight corners
  • Higher price point

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner is designed to make your life easier by effectively cleaning in-ground pools up to 50 feet. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to schedule and control your pool cleaning from anywhere, providing extra convenience.

Featuring powerful wall climbing capabilities, this cleaner scrubs your pool’s floors, walls, and waterlines, ensuring a thorough clean. The active scrubbing brush is durable and efficiently removes debris while being gentle on your pool surface. It’s also equipped with energy-saving features that help reduce your overall costs.

Regarding maneuverability, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Supreme has agile steering with dual-drive strategic movement, but it may face challenges navigating very tight corners. Though heavier, its performance and efficiency far outweigh the inconvenience of its weight.

While the price is higher than others, the quality and convenience of this cleaner make it an excellent investment for pool owners seeking an advanced and reliable solution.

Robot Pool Cleaner Buying Guide

Gathering information and making an informed decision is essential when considering a robotic pool cleaner. Identifying the most suitable product for your needs will ultimately pay off.

Selecting the Right Robotic Pool Cleaner

When choosing the perfect robotic pool cleaner for your needs, there are several factors to consider. You can select the best cleaner that suits your needs by understanding your pool type, size, and specific cleaning requirements.

First, think about your pool’s size and shape. If you have a large or irregularly shaped pool, look for a cleaner with advanced navigation features, such as gyroscope technology or intelligent mapping algorithms.

  • Pool size and shape: Match the cleaner’s capabilities to your pool dimensions and design.
  • Pool surface material: Ensure the cleaner is suitable for the material of your pool, like concrete, tile or vinyl.
  • Debris type: Depending on your environment, your cleaner should effectively remove leaves, dirt and algae.
  • Filter type: Opt for a cleaner with an easily accessible and high-capacity filter.
  • Energy efficiency: Look for a cleaner that delivers excellent performance with minimal energy consumption.

In addition, consider the cleaner’s ease of use and maintenance. A detachable filter basket or cartridge system allows quick cleaning without needing tools.

Lastly, don’t forget to read customer reviews and ask for recommendations from friends or professionals. This will help you make an informed decision and select the right robotic pool cleaner.

Benefits of Robotic Pool Cleaners

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to keep your pool clean, a robotic pool cleaner might be just what you need. Here are some of the benefits of using one:

  • Efficient Cleaning: Robotic pool cleaners are designed to clean your pool quickly and efficiently. They can clean your pool in just a few hours, leaving it sparkling clean and ready for use.
  • Low Maintenance: Unlike other pool cleaners, robotic pool cleaners require very little maintenance. They don’t need to be backwashed or have their filters cleaned regularly, which can save you time and money in the long run.
  • Energy Efficient: Robotic pool cleaners are energy efficient and use less electricity than other pool cleaners. They are designed to operate on low voltage, saving you money on your energy bills.
  • Easy to Use: Robotic pool cleaners are easy to use and require little effort. Plug them in, place them in your pool, and let them do their job.
  • Effective Cleaning: Robotic pool cleaners are highly effective at removing dirt, debris, and algae from your pool. They use powerful suction and scrubbing brushes to clean every inch of your pool, leaving it looking like new.

To choose the best robotic pool cleaner, comparing products and evaluating their features to your specific needs is important. Conduct thorough research and read customer reviews before making a final decision.

I hope our top robotic pool cleaners shortlist will help you with your decision.

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