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  • Best inflatable hot tub for winter

    Best Inflatable Hot Tub for Winter: Top Picks & Essential Tips

    Are you dreaming of a winter wonderland paired with the luxury of a warm, relaxing soak? Inflatable hot tubs can make this dream a reality, offering the perfect escape during the chilly months. But how do you choose the best one for those frosty evenings? Inflatable hot tubs designed for winter are not just about…

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  • How Many Gallons in a Hot Tub?

    How Many Gallons of Water in A Hot Tub? How to Calculate

    Are you curious about how much water a hot tub holds? Whether you’re a first-time hot tub owner or a seasoned pro, it’s important to know the capacity of your hot tub in order to calculate the amount of chemicals to add. Not only does this information help you maintain proper chemical levels, but it…

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  • Can I Wear My Apple Watch in The Pool? 1

    Can I Wear My Apple Watch in The Pool?

    If you’re an Apple Watch owner and a swimmer, you may be wondering if it’s safe to wear your watch in the pool. After all, the Apple Watch is a sophisticated piece of technology, and water damage can be costly to repair. So are Apple Watches waterproof? The good news is that many Apple Watches…

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  • Hot Tub Water Chemistry

    Hot Tub Water Chemistry: An Easy Guide

    Beyond the soothing bubbles and relaxing ambiance, there’s a science that ensures your hot tub experience is not just enjoyable but also safe. The science behind a hot tub’s pristine water is more intricate than it appears. This guide tries to simplify the complexities of maintaining optimal water conditions, from pH balance to mineral content.…

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  • What Should the Pool Filter Pressure Gauge Read

    What Should the Pool Filter Pressure Gauge Read?

    Maintaining the proper pressure in your swimming pool filter system is key to pool maintenance. One of the essential tools to monitor and maintain this pressure is the pool filter pressure gauge, which measures the strength, or PSI (pounds per square inch), of the water flowing through your filter. But what should the pool filter…

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  • When Is the Best Time to Open a Pool in The Spring

    When Is the Best Time to Open a Pool in The Spring?

    As a pool owner, you eagerly anticipate the warmer months when you can enjoy a refreshing swim. But do you know the ideal time to open your pool for the season? The answer depends on various factors, such as the climate in your region and your personal preferences. Generally, it’s recommended that a good time…

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  • How Much Baking Soda to Raise Alkalinity in Hot Tub

    How Much Baking Soda to Increase Alkalinity in a Hot Tub?

    Are you struggling to maintain your hot tub’s alkalinity level? Adding baking soda is a common and effective solution, but it can be tricky to figure out the right amount to use. In this post, we’ll show you how much baking soda you should add to your hot tub to raise the alkalinity levels. We’ll…

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  • Best Robotic Pool Cleaners

    Best Robotic Pool Cleaners: Are They Worth It?

    Are you considering investing in a robotic pool cleaner but unsure if it’s worth the expense? Robotic pool cleaners represent a significant advancement in pool maintenance technology, offering an efficient and hassle-free solution to keeping your pool pristine. Unlike traditional cleaning methods, these automated devices navigate the pool autonomously, scrubbing and vacuuming debris from the…

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  • How Many Chlorine Tablets for Pool

    How Many Chlorine Tablets to Keep Your Pool Sparkling?

    Struggling to keep your pool water crystal clear and wondering how many chlorine tablets are needed? Proper pool maintenance is essential for a healthy swimming environment, and using the right amount of chlorine is crucial. Knowing how many chlorine tablets to use can be the difference between a sparkling oasis and a murky pond. Well,…

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  • How Far to Drain Above Ground Pool for Winter

    How Far to Drain Above Ground Pool for Winter

    As the winter season approaches (sadly), it’s crucial to prepare your above ground pool for the freezing temperatures, assuming you live in an area with such a cold climate of course. One key aspect of winterizing your pool is determining how far to drain the water. Draining your pool the correct amount can help prevent…

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