9 Popular Hot Tub Accessories To Improve Your Soak




Are you ready to elevate your hot tub experience with some must-have accessories? Hot tubs are already a fantastic way to relax and unwind, but with the right accessories, you can transform your soak into an even more luxurious and enjoyable experience. From functional items to fun add-ons, these accessories can make your hot tub time more convenient, comfortable, and entertaining.

Choosing the right hot tub accessories involves considering material, size, compatibility, and ease of use. These aspects ensure you select products that enhance your hot tub experience and stand the test of time.

Well, we’ll be going over:

  1. What are some popular hot tub accessories to improve your soaking experience?
  2. How can these accessories add comfort, convenience, and fun to your hot tub sessions?
  3. What should you consider when selecting accessories to ensure they’re compatible with your hot tub?

With a wide range of options available, you will find the perfect accessories tailored to your preferences. Get ready to dive into our top recommendations and discover how to take your hot tub experience to the next level of relaxation and enjoyment. Let’s enhance your soak!

9 Popular Hot Tub Accessories

To enhance your hot tub experience, we have curated a list of Amazon’s top hot tub accessories. In the following section, various products are designed to improve relaxation and enjoyment.

Floating Pool Light Ball, RGB Color Changing Bath Hot Tub Light, IP68 Waterproof Orb Light up Ball for Kids Gift, Glow Led Pool Ball Lights for Hot Tub,Pond,Bathtub,Spa, Decor Outdoor Indoor(2PCS)

LanPool Floating Pool Light Ball

Enhance your hot tub experience with LanPool’s waterproof, color-changing Floating Pool Light Ball.


  • IP68 Waterproof and dustproof
  • Multi-modes for various color options
  • Suitable for various uses, including bath toys, night lights, and décor


  • Batteries not replaceable
  • No remote control
  • Limited battery life

Make your hot tub experience even more enjoyable with LanPool’s Floating Pool Light Ball. These IP68 waterproof, dustproof, and comfortable to touch orbs can float effortlessly in your hot tub, providing vibrant colors and a soothing ambiance. They’re also perfect for kids who love to swim underwater, making them a versatile gift for children of all ages.

The product offers three light modes: steady colors, color shifting, and memory mode, so you can choose the one that suits your mood or event. Furthermore, these floating lights can serve multiple functions – you can use them as night lights, bath toys for kids, or even as magical orbs for role-playing games.

However, it’s essential to note that the batteries for these floating pool light balls are not replaceable. The product is designed for extended use, with each light having a life expectancy of up to 180 hours. The orbs also lack remote control functionality, so you must manually turn them on and off.

Portable Bluetooth Pool Speaker,Hot Tub Speaker with Colorful Lights,IP68 Waterproof Floating Speaker,360° Surround Stereo Sound,85ft Bluetooth Range,Hands-Free Wireless Speakers for Shower Spa Home

KingSom Portable Bluetooth Pool Speaker

The KingSom Portable Bluetooth Pool Speaker is a fantastic accessory for elevating your hot tub experience, ensuring enjoyable music and vibrant lighting to set the mood. Its waterproof properties and impressive sound quality make it a great investment for enhancing your relaxation time.


  • Acts as both a pool speaker and LED light display
  • IP68 waterproof for protection against water damage
  • Impressive sound quality with good bass


  • Requires frequent charging for optimal performance
  • The light could be brighter
  • Buttons might be challenging to use when wet

The KingSom Portable Bluetooth Pool Speaker enhances your hot tub experience with immersive, dynamic sound and an exciting LED light display. This waterproof speaker is safe to use around water and even fully submerged without damaging the audio quality. Floating atop the water’s surface creates a charming ambiance with a colorful light display.

With IP68 waterproofing, you can confidently use this speaker in your hot tub, at the pool, or while showering. The advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology offers a stable signal transmission with an 85-feet wireless connection range, ensuring you never lose connection.

In addition to its visual appeal, the KingSom Portable Bluetooth Pool Speaker delivers crisp and clear sound, even at high volumes. Thanks to its A2DP technology and built-in 6W speaker, you can enjoy hi-fi sound with deep bass and crisp treble, similar to a live concert performance.

POOL BLASTER Catfish Cordless Pool Vacuum for Quick, Efficient Cleaning, Handheld Rechargeable Hoseless Swimming Pool Cleaner for Hot Tub and Spa, Inground & Above Ground Pool Steps, by Water Tech

POOL BLASTER Catfish Cordless Pool Vacuum

The POOL BLASTER Catfish is convenient and efficient for hot tub and pool cleaning.

However, remember that you might need to invest in a separate pole and potentially make additional filter modifications to get the most out of this pool vacuum.


  • Cordless and rechargeable with a lithium-ion battery
  • Versatile cleaning options with removable vacuum head
  • Up to 45 minutes run time


  • No pole included
  • May require additional filter modifications for optimal performance
  • Seal durability concerns

The POOL BLASTER Catfish offers cordless, hassle-free cleaning for your hot tub, spa, or swimming pool. Its rechargeable lithium-ion battery ensures you don’t have to worry about tangled cords or hoses while trying to keep your pool clean.

This pool vacuum offers versatile cleaning options with its removable 7.5″ vacuum head for general cleaning and a nose cone head for hard-to-reach areas. It also comes with an all-purpose filter bag for capturing leaves and large debris and a microfilter bag to capture sand, silt, and other fine particles. However, some users have found using a piece of cloth or an additional filter necessary for better efficiency.

One potential downside is that it doesn’t come with a telescopic pole, meaning you may need to purchase one separately, find one that fits or get in the hot tub to use it on the bottom.

Lonffery Towel Rack for Bathroom, 4-Arm Black Wall Mounted Towel Bar, Outdoor Towel Rack for Hot Tub, Pool, Towel Hanger Space Saving.

Lonffery Towel Rack for Bathroom

If you’re looking for a compact, sturdy, and stylish towel rack for your hot tub the Lonffery Towel Rack is worth considering. While it may not be the best choice for larger towels, its rotating rods, easy installation, and crown-end design make it an attractive and functional accessory.


  • 180-degree rotating rods for convenient towel drying
  • Easy installation and quiet operation
  • Sturdy double hook design with crown-end feature


  • It may be too small for larger towels
  • Some users reported receiving broken or damaged parts
  • Decorative ends not as pictured

The Lonffery Towel Rack is an excellent addition to your bathroom or outdoor pool area with 180-degree rotating rods. These four rotating poles make drying towels in different layers convenient, keeping them away from moisture and easily accessible. This not only makes drying towels faster but also promotes a healthier environment.

Installation of this towel rack is simple, as it comes with plastic expansion tubes, screws, and decorative caps. In addition, the towel rod joint has a mute damping design that prevents wear and ensures noiseless use. Moreover, the thickened double hooks provide load-bearing solid capacity, making it suitable for various storage needs.

Crafted with high-quality aviation aluminum, the Lonffery Towel Rack is built to withstand moisture, preventing rust and ensuring durability.

Heat Wave Universal Slip-Resistant Spa & Hot Tub Outdoor Steps with Storage Compartment, Constructed from Maintenance-Free High-Density Polyethylene - Slate Gray

Heat Wave Universal Slip-Resistant Hot Tub Outdoor Steps with Storage

The Heat Wave Universal Slip-Resistant Spa & Hot Tub Outdoor Steps are a worthwhile investment for enhancing your hot tub experience. The added storage, safety features, and durable construction make these steps valuable to any spa area. Keep in mind the potential drawbacks of assembly challenges and potential color fading, but overall, these steps offer great value and quality.


  • Dual-purpose steps with storage compartment
  • Sturdy and slip-resistant design
  • Durable, maintenance-free construction


  • The price may be higher than some alternatives
  • Color may fade over time
  • Poor assembly instructions

The Heat Wave Universal Slip-Resistant Spa & Hot Tub Outdoor Steps are a great addition to your spa area, offering functionality and aesthetic appeal. The dual-purpose steps have a hidden storage compartment, perfect for keeping spa accessories away and out of sight. However, it should be noted that the storage compartment is not lockable, so avoid storing hazardous materials within children’s or pets’ reach.

These steps ensure safety with their slip-resistant treads, allowing you to enter and exit your hot tub confidently. The high-density polyethylene construction can hold up to 300 pounds, giving you peace of mind that the steps are sturdy and secure.

Made from maintenance-free polyethylene, these Heat Wave steps are built to last without rusting or corroding. This means you can enjoy years of stress-free use while adding an attractive and practical addition to your hot tub area.

Intex PureSpa Cup Holder, Holds 2 Standard Size Beverage Containers and Refreshments

Intex PureSpa Cup Holder

Enhance your hot tub experience with this convenient and stylish Intex PureSpa Cup Holder, perfect for keeping refreshments and snacks close at hand.


  • Securely attaches and removes easily
  • Holds two standard-sized beverage containers
  • Durable, chemical-resistant plastic


  • Not for use with hot liquids or breakable cups
  • Will need to be removed for hot tub cover installation

The Intex PureSpa Cup Holder is a great addition to your hot tub experience, offering a convenient space to hold refreshments while relaxing. It’s designed to attach to the walls of your spa securely and, when not in use, can be removed for easy storage. This cup holder is the perfect accessory, elevating your overall experience and allowing you to focus on relaxation.

Constructed with chemical-resistant plastic, this Intex cup holder is durable and can withstand the elements associated with hot tub use. It can hold two standard-sized beverage containers and accommodate other items in the larger open space. Keep your favorite drinks and snacks close while you unwind.

DIVEBLAST: Premium Floating Drink Holder for Pool, Hot Tub Drink Holder Floats, Swimming Pool Accessories for Adults, Drink Floaties for Pool

DIVEBLAST Premium Floating Drink Holder

The DIVEBLAST Premium Floating Drink Holder is an excellent accessory for enhancing your pool or hot tub experience. While there are a few minor drawbacks, overall, it’s a useful and convenient item for anyone who enjoys spending time in the water and wants easy access to their drinks and snacks.


  • Easy to inflate and use
  • Accommodates various drink and snack sizes
  • Innovative design keeps items within reach


  • Black color can make it heat up in the sun
  • It may be too large for small hot tubs

The DIVEBLAST Premium Floating Drink Holder is a fantastic accessory for anyone who enjoys spending time in their pool or hot tub and wants their drinks and snacks nearby. This innovative inflatable drink holder is designed to keep everything you need within arm’s reach to make your swimming or hot tub experience more enjoyable and relaxing.

One of the best features of this floating drink holder is its versatility in accommodating different sizes of drinks and snacks. Whether you have large water bottles or smaller cups, they will fit securely in the drink holder, ensuring you don’t have to worry about spilling your beverages while floating in the water.

VEVOR Pool Safety Handrail 56 inch, Hot Tub Handrail 600LBS Capacity, Slide-Under Base Spa Side Handrail, Sponge Rubber Grip Frosted Design for Indoor/Outdoor Bath

VEVOR Pool Safety Handrail 56 inch

The VEVOR Pool Safety Handrail is a valuable accessory for those looking to add a layer of safety and convenience.
Its sturdy construction, adjustable height, and 360° swivel capabilities make it a versatile addition to any hot tub setup. Just be aware of the potential rusting issue with nuts and bolts and the need for careful assembly.


  • 600 lbs load capacity with a sturdy triangle bracket
  • 360° swivel and adjustable height for versatility
  • Rust-resistant premium iron rail construction


  • Some users report rusted nuts and bolts
  • Requires careful assembly to avoid stripped screws

The VEVOR Pool Safety Handrail is designed to enhance your hot tub experience by providing an additional layer of safety when entering or exiting the spa. The handrail’s unique triangle bracket and large base make it capable of supporting up to 600 lbs, ensuring you can rely on it for support. It’s constructed with heavy-duty iron and features a baked-on powder finish, providing resistance against rust and corrosion.

With its 360° swivel feature and adjustable height, the handrail can be tailored to suit your specific spa size and setup. This means it can be a versatile addition to your hot tub experience, offering support in the locations you need most. In addition, this accessory’s 8″ rubber grip and frosted design reduce the risk of slipping when your hands are wet, adding an additional measure of safety.

16 Pieces Oil Absorbing Sponge for Hot Tub Swimming Pool and Spa (White)

Boao 16 Pieces Oil Absorbing Sponge

The Boao Oil Absorbing Sponge is a practical and cost-effective accessory to enhance your hot tub experience.

While they may have minor drawbacks, their performance in keeping your water cleaner and reducing filter maintenance makes them a worthy investment.


  • Strong grease adsorption
  • Easy storage and reusable
  • Effective in collecting scum, slime, grime, and oils


  • May discolor after use
  • The size could be large

The Boao Oil Absorbing Sponge is designed to provide an effective solution for maintaining the cleanliness of your hot tub, swimming pool, or spa. It comes in a pack of 16 turtle-shaped sponges, so you’ll have a sufficient quantity to satisfy your daily life needs. These sponges have a strong grease adsorption capability, making them perfect for cleaning your hot tub and reducing the filter workload.

Despite their simple appearance, these oil-absorbing sponges can collect scum, slime, grime, and oils right out of the water. This not only saves the life of your filters but also helps clean the scum that forms in hot tubs and pools. To use these sponges, place them in the water and let them do their work. When saturated, gently squeeze out the oil, rinse, and reuse.

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