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Relaxing in a hot tub might be your go-to way to spend your free time, but there are times when you want to have fun, especially when you have your friends and family over for a hot tub party.

You can play games with them and have the best evening of hot tub fun!

Are you looking for fun games to play in a hot tub? We’ve got you covered with some fun hot tub party games to make it go with a splash! Explore our top game picks to keep the excitement flowing while you relax and unwind in your hot tub.

This article lists 10 games to play in the hot tub.

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Hot tub games for couples, families and friends

Family schedules sometimes clash when life gets busy, but a home spa can regularly reunite everyone. The best hot tub games can unite people, keep them interested, and be modified to suit all ages.

If you want to host a game night, here are several games for all ages to play in a hot tub.

Dive, dive, dive

This is a fun and easy game that players of all ages and groups of any size may enjoy. You only need 2 plastic cups, regardless of how many players you have.

Start by floating one of the cups in the water, ensuring that there is enough liquid in it to make it stand up. Take turns passing the other cup around the hot tub. Each individual should take turns filling the primary cup with a small amount of water without letting it sink.

You do not want to be the player who sinks the submarine. You decide how to punish the players for sinking the cup. You can make them perform a forfeit – a goofy dance, jog around the hot tub, or throw a cup of water on them.

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Hot tub duckie

Put a rubber duckie or a ping pong ball in the center of the spa and divide players into 2 teams. Each team attempts to send the duckie onto the opposing team’s side to score a point by blowing and creating waves.

The game’s object is to use only water or air to get the floating duckie to touch the hot tub’s opposite team.

Note that you cannot touch the duck. You can only move it by blowing air or making waves.

Splashing is permitted, and it adds to the pleasure of the game. The team that scores 3 points first wins, and all players on the losing team are subject to punishment.

Follow up

This is yet another entertaining game that makes you think. You don’t need anything to play with; you can use as many individuals as you want. The goal is to develop as many relevant objects that begin with the same letter as possible.

You start by naming a product in a category that begins with a specific letter, such as food: pasta. The player names a food that starts with the same letter in the following round; in this case, perhaps pie. This game can be played in categories, including names, locations, and animals.

A participant is eliminated if it takes them more than 3 seconds to come up with an answer.


  • A player not currently playing the game must choose the next category or object when someone cannot think of one.
  • The victor is the last one standing.
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Cold shower

To play this game, you will need:

  • Balloons
  • Cold water

All you need to do to start playing this thrilling game is fill a regular balloon with cold water. Fill it up as much as you can without breaking it.

Next, instruct each participant to sit in the hot tub while holding the balloon above their head and counting to 5. The balloon is given to the following player once they have counted to 5.

At a certain point, the balloon will burst, giving the loser a cold shower. A player is kicked out if they take a chilly shower. Play with the remaining players until there is 1 left.

Who am I?

This classic game is ideal for the hot tub, the pool, or a long car drive. No matter their age, everyone enjoys playing this fantastic party game.

You’ll require:

  • Masking tape and paper cards, or
  • Blank, waterproof name tag stickers

Start by writing the names of a few well-known individuals on your paper playing cards or unfilled stickers. You can prepare this in advance or have each player create a couple.

Always remember that you’ll need more name tags than participants because, in that case, players might be able to identify their assigned name tags through the elimination process.

The name tags should then be mixed up and held face down. Then, each player takes a name tag and pins it to their forehead so that it is invisible to them but visible to everyone else.

The first participant chooses a person—possibly a teacher, a relative, a celebrity, or someone they admire.

The same person offers just one hint. For instance, you might use a catchphrase associated with that individual or something like, “I’m 25 years old.”

Next, the second player poses a query, such as “Are you famous?” The first contestant replies with “yes” or “no.”

The following player asks a different query. The game continues this way. 

The objective is to identify the assigned person’s name as rapidly as possible. Last, to guess losses, you decide what your loss will cost you (or you could play without any penalties).

When playing with children, keep in mind to only use familiar names.

Board and card games

Hoyle Waterproof Playing Cards, Clear, 1 Deck

There are portable versions of several of the most popular board games. You can have fun with whatever you bring to the beach in a hot tub or pool.

Get a deck of waterproof playing cards, then use something that floats like a pool float as a floating gaming surface. You can spend time in the hot tub with your pals while playing various card games.

You should play short-duration card games, such as snap, that only last a few minutes each round to ensure you practice safety and adhere to the prescribed time limitations when using a hot tub.

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Pass the bottle

This easy game works well as an icebreaker to get your game night started in a good mood.

You only need an ice-cold drink can to get started. The game aims to pass the can entirely without using your hands around the bathtub. Players can use any other body part, but they can’t use the same body part as other players.

For instance, you can pass the beverage from your neck to a knee, but you can’t pass the bottle from one chest to another player’s chest. The player who drops the can is subject to a penalty and must restart the game using a different body part than the previous one.

Once you’ve mastered passing an unopened can, try doing the same with an opened can.

Musical hot tub jets

This game is quite similar to musical chairs. The only difference between this game and musical chairs is that the bathtub jets are used instead of the chairs. 

Start the game by turning off the jets in one hot tub seat.  Allow someone (preferably a dry person who faces away from the tub) to play music while everyone in the hot tub moves clockwise. 

When the music abruptly stops, everyone must freeze in place. When you freeze, and there isn’t a jet blowing up against you, you are out; you must get out of the tub and pay the price. Then, turn off the jets to another seat.

Note: You must turn off your tub’s jets for this game to function correctly; otherwise, every seat would still have jets going, and there would never be a winner.

Celebrity alphabet

This is another entertaining game. Since you don’t need to finish sentences, this one is simpler but tricky.

Your task is to develop as many famous people as possible. However, there is a catch. Their first or last name must begin with a specific alphabetic letter.

Name a famous person whose first name begins with the letter “A” to start things. Then, you proceed through the alphabet as each person takes a turn.

After 3 seconds, if the player still can’t come up with a famous person for the letter, they are out.

Final words

Although hot tubs are mainly used for relaxing and recharging, it doesn’t mean you can’t also have some fun there, as these hot tub fun ideas show.

After a long day, you can unwind by relaxing with your loved ones or playing a fun hot tub game to let off some steam and get to know the important people in your life better. 

These 10 enjoyable hot tub games are easy to learn and help you effortlessly create beautiful memories with friends and loved ones.

Just beware hot tub drinking games can lead to people getting drunk quickly.

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