Best Inflatable Hot Tub for Winter: Top Picks & Essential Tips




Are you dreaming of a winter wonderland paired with the luxury of a warm, relaxing soak? Inflatable hot tubs can make this dream a reality, offering the perfect escape during the chilly months. But how do you choose the best one for those frosty evenings?

Inflatable hot tubs designed for winter are not just about warmth; they’re about creating a cozy retreat in your backyard or indoor space. The ideal hot tub should maintain optimal water temperatures, resist freezing conditions, and provide a comforting haven to unwind and relax.

Well, we’ll be going over:

  1. What essential features should you look for in an inflatable hot tub for winter use?
  2. How does the heating system of a hot tub affect its performance in cold weather?
  3. What makes models like the Intex 28409E PureSpa and Bestway Miami SaluSpa stand out as top winter choices?

Finding the right inflatable hot tub means enjoying the therapeutic benefits of a warm soak while watching the snowfall. Ready to transform your winter experience? Let’s find your perfect match.

Best inflatable hot tub for winter

When searching for the perfect inflatable hot tub for winter use, it’s essential to consider factors such as insulation, heating capabilities, durability, and the overall quality of the materials used.

Take your time to research and compare the various options available in the market. Let this guide help you find the best inflatable hot tub for winter, allowing you to indulge in an unparalleled relaxation experience in the chilly months to come.

If I had to select just one as my top pick, it would be the Intex 28409E PureSpa 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

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Best Inflatable Hot Tub for Winter

Winter is the perfect time to enjoy a warm soak, and we have compiled a list of the best inflatable hot tubs for you. Stay cozy and relaxed during those frosty months by choosing the ideal product from our recommendations below.

Intex 28409E PureSpa 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

Intex 28409E PureSpa 6 Person Home Inflatable Portable Heated Round Hot Tub Spa 85-inch x 28-inch with 170 Bubble Jets and Built in Heat Pump, Blue

The Intex 28409E PureSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is a great investment for those wanting a portable and spacious hot tub experience this winter.

With its efficient control panel, easy maintenance, and a range of accessories, you’ll be able to unwind and enjoy every moment spent in your new inflatable spa.


  • Accommodates up to 6 people
  • Built-in hard water treatment system
  • 170 high-powered bubble jets


  • It takes longer to heat up
  • Possible air leaks in some units
  • The product requires additional energy-efficient cover for California shipments

The Intex 28409E PureSpa 6-Person Inflatable Hot Tub is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of a hot tub without the commitment and high cost of a permanent installation of a traditional hot tub. This inflatable hot tub offers ample space for up to six people, making it perfect for socializing with friends and family or relaxing alone after a long day.

One of the standout features of this inflatable tub is the built-in hard water treatment system, which not only makes the water softer on your skin but also ensures the longevity of the spa itself by preventing the accumulation of damaging minerals in the system.

The 170 high-powered bubble jets deliver a rejuvenating and refreshing massage experience, with the bonus of a multi-colored LED light system, creating a soothing ambiance for your evenings.

However, potential buyers should remember that this inflatable spa may take longer to heat up than estimated, which may be an issue during the winter when you’re eager to take a warm soak. Additionally, a few users have reported air leaks in their units, which might make the hot tub less enjoyable or necessitate patching.

Lastly, customers in California should be prepared to purchase additional energy-efficient cover as required by law.

Bestway Miami SaluSpa Inflatable Round Outdoor Hot Tub Spa

Bestway Miami SaluSpa 2 to 4 Person Inflatable Round Outdoor Hot Tub Spa with 140 Soothing AirJets, Filter Cartridges, Pump, & Insulated Cover, Black

The Bestway Miami SaluSpa is an excellent choice for those seeking a cozy, inflatable hot tub that can handle cold winter months.


  • SaluSpa Massage system, rapid heating, and integrated water filtration
  • Cushioned floor with convenient drain valve
  • Aluminum foil-coated pool cover to retain warmth


  • It can only seat up to 4 people
  • May lose heat quickly when in use
  • The app connectivity might be challenging to set up

The Bestway Miami SaluSpa offers a relaxing experience with its 140 air jets and SaluSpa Massage system. The rapid heating system can heat the hot tub quickly, ensuring you don’t have to wait long to enjoy a warm soak in colder months.

The integrated water filtration keeps the water clean, and the cushioned floor with a convenient drain valve allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Although the inflatable spa can seat up to 4 people, it might feel cramped for larger gatherings. One downside is that it tends to lose heat more quickly while using it, so you may need to keep the heater on during use to maintain a comfortable temperature. However, the aluminum foil-coated pool cover helps to keep the water extra warm when you’re not using the tub.

In addition, connecting the hot tub to your mobile app could be challenging for some users. Despite this, the Bestway Miami SaluSpa is a top pick for those looking to invest in an inflatable hot tub for the winter season.

Perfect for unwinding after a long day in your outdoor space, you can immerse yourself in its soothing air jets and enjoy a relaxing experience anytime.

Intex 4-Person Simple Spa

Intex 28481E Simple Spa 77in x 26in 4-Person Outdoor Portable Inflatable Round Heated Hot Tub Spa with 100 Bubble Jets, Filter Pump, and Cover, Black

The Intex 4-Person Simple Spa is an excellent choice if you’re searching for an inflatable hot tub for the winter months. Its high-powered jets, built-in hard water treatment, and four-person capacity make it enjoyable and practical.

However, be prepared to invest in the necessary water treatment chemicals and plan your soaking sessions to accommodate the initial heating time.


  • 100 soothing high-powered jets provide ultimate relaxation
  • Built-in hard water treatment for a gentle feeling on the skin
  • Accommodates up to 4 people with a 210-gallon water capacity


  • It does not come with chemicals for water treatment
  • It takes time to heat the water initially
  • Bubbles may cause a slight temperature drop during usage

The Intex Simple Spa is an affordable and convenient way to unwind during the colder months. With its 100 high-powered jets, this inflatable hot tub can accommodate up to four people, making it perfect for a small group or family.

It offers a comfortable and luxurious experience at the touch of a button with its built-in hard water treatment system that ensures a gentle feeling on the skin while you soak.

However, remember that the Intex Simple Spa does not come with chemicals for water treatment, which are essential to maintain a safe and clean environment for you and your guests. You will need to purchase these separately. Additionally, the tub takes significant time to heat the water initially, so it’s essential to plan accordingly.

Another point to consider is that the bubbles generated by the jets can cause the water temperature to drop slightly during use. This may not be a significant issue for most users, but it could be less comfortable during colder winter days.

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub Spa | Portable Hot Tub with Heated Water System and 140 Bubble Jets | Fits Up to 4 People

The Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub is a worthy investment for a relaxing winter experience with its 140 bubbling jets, convenient controls, and sturdy construction.


  • Ultimate spa experience with massage bubble jets
  • Easy-to-operate digital control panel
  • Durable and innovative I-beam construction


  • Shipping restrictions may apply in certain states
  • Not suitable for international shipping
  • Power consumption may be relatively high

The Coleman SaluSpa provides a soothing experience with warm water and 140 bubble jets that cater to your back, neck, and shoulders. The digital control panel allows you to easily adjust the water temperature (up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and pressure of the jets. Additionally, the power-saving timer offers temperature automation for up to 72 hours to conserve energy and reduce costs.

Constructed with durable PVC material and I-beam technology, the inflatable hot tub maintains its shape and stability over time. The setup and maintenance processes are simple, requiring no extra tools.

The provided pump ensures quick inflation and deflation, while a cover adds safety, maintains warmth, and prevents debris from entering the water.

The portable hot tub has lift handles for effortless moving and storage. However, potential buyers should note that shipping restrictions may apply to certain states, and this item is not eligible for international shipping. Power consumption may be high, though shared use could help to offset these costs.

Bestway Coleman Hawaii AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

Bestway Coleman Hawaii AirJet 4 to 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub Square Portable Outdoor Spa with 140 AirJets and EnergySense Energy Saving Cover, Grey

The Bestway Coleman Hawaii AirJet inflatable hot tub is an excellent choice for those seeking a comfortable and efficient way to unwind during winter.

Its key features and quality materials make it stand out among other inflatable hot tubs, providing great value for your money.


  • Soothing massage experience with 140 warm jets
  • EnergySense cover for 40% increased energy efficiency
  • DuraPlus material for puncture and stretch resistance


  • Limited to 4 to 6 people
  • It cannot be used in temperatures below 39 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Requires 110/120-volt 3 prong plug

The Bestway Coleman Hawaii AirJet inflatable hot tub is designed to provide you with the ultimate relaxation experience during the colder months. With enough room to comfortably fit 4 to 6 people, you and your friends or family can enjoy the soothing massage of 140 warm jets that reach up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

One impressive feature of this inflatable hot tub is its EnergySense hot tub cover, which retains heat 40% more effectively than standard covers. This keeps your hot tub warmer throughout the season and meets all energy efficiency requirements for sale in various states. Plus, the DuraPlus 3-layer material ensures resistance to punctures and stretching, giving you peace of mind during use.

This hot tub has a pump that inflates the spa, heats the water, runs filtration, and controls the massage system with high-powered bubble jets for easy setup and maintenance.

The package also includes a cover, chemical floater, two filter cartridges (VI), a repair patch, and a 6-foot-long cord, ensuring you have all you need to set up your inflatable hot tub.

However, it’s worth noting that this hot tub cannot be used in temperatures below 39 degrees Fahrenheit, so do consider this limitation when planning your winter relaxation. Furthermore, the required 110/120-volt 3-prong plug may limit placement options for some users.

Inflatable Hot Tub Buying Guide

inflatable hot tub in winter

Several factors come into play when choosing the best inflatable hot tub for winter. This buying guide will cover key features you must consider before deciding.


Insulation is crucial for maintaining water temperature in cold weather. Look for an inflatable hot tub with good insulation around the tub and a well-fitting insulated cover. A thermal ground cloth can also be invaluable in retaining heat.

Capacity and Size

Consider how many people will typically use the hot tub and choose the appropriate capacity. Inflatable hot tubs range from 2-person to 8-person capacity. Additionally, consider the available space in your backyard, ensuring enough room for installation and any necessary accessories.


Consider the features you want. Do you prefer a simple, no-frills tub with all the bells and whistles? Some inflatable hot tubs have built-in seats, cup holders, and LED lights.

Material and Durability

A winter-worthy inflatable hot tub should be made from strong and durable materials such as puncture-resistant PVC, polyester mesh core or reinforced vinyl. This will help the tub withstand harsh weather conditions, and you can enjoy it for longer. It is important to have an ease-of-use temperature control that shuts off when the desired water temperature is reached and won’t allow the maximum temperature to be exceeded. Another useful feature is freeze shield technology.

Heating System

The efficiency and speed of the heating system are important during winter, as you want your hot tub to be at a comfortable temperature quickly. Check the heater’s wattage and heating rate, looking for a system that can raise the water temperature at least 2-3°F per hour.

Energy Efficiency

Choosing an energy-efficient inflatable hot tub can help you save on electricity bills. Efficient hot tubs feature thicker insulation, a well-fitting cover, and a heating system that uses minimal energy without sacrificing performance.

Filtration and Cleaning System

A good filtration system helps keep the water clean, reducing the need for frequent water changes. Ensure the inflatable hot tub has an easy-to-replace filter and a cleaning system. Some models have a built-in hard water treatment system, benefiting your skin and the hot tub’s longevity.

Check user reviews and compare the above features to find the best inflatable hot tub for your winter needs.

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