Should I Leave My Hot Tub on All the Time?

As a first-time hot tub owner, you undoubtedly have questions, and you are not alone! While most people know how to use a hot tub, very few understand what owning a hot tub entails.

Among the questions most frequently asked by new hot tub owners is whether they should leave their hot tub on all of the time.

You certainly should leave your hot tub on all the time as they are designed to be used like that. Most good hot tubs have significant insulation, which, together with a thick cover, means that heat loss will be minimal so electricity use kept to a minimum to maintain the temperature.

There are a few exceptions of course which I explain in the rest of the article.

Should I Leave My Hot Tub on All the Time?

Why leave your hot tub on all the time?

It’s practical

The average six-person hot tub can hold anywhere from three hundred and twenty gallons of water to four hundred and seventy-five gallons of water. That is a lot of water!

The first time that you heat your hot tub, you can expect it to take around twenty hours for the water to heat up, depending on how cold your faucet water is.

Now, imagine if you had to heat your hot tub every time you wanted to use it. You’d have to wait almost a whole day for the water to heat up. Even if the water is still warm, you are looking at waiting four to six hours for the water to heat up to the right temperature again!

What good is a hot tub if you can’t use it when you want to?

It’s more affordable

Another reason why you should leave your hot tub running all of the time is that it’s more affordable!

If you have to heat your hot tub from scratch each time you want to soak, it means having to keep the heater running on overdrive until the water reaches temperature. You can imagine how expensive that would be.

How is keeping your hot tub running more affordable?

Manufacturers build high-quality hot tubs with numerous insulating features to keep the water warm. These features reduce the amount of power needed to keep the hot tub heated, so keeping it on is much more affordable.

Top-quality hot tubs also have high-quality heaters that are more efficient than those in other hot tubs. So, even when the heater does come on, it requires much less energy to heat your hot tub water!

These features mean that when you are ready to soak in your hot tub, the most you will have to do is turn the temperature up a few degrees – which is much more cost-efficient!

Is it safe to leave your hot tub on all the time?

When most new hot tub owners find out that they should leave their hot tub on all the time, their next question is whether or not it is safe to do so.

Again, the answer is yes!

Manufacturers know that their hot tubs are running all the time, and they test each of their products with that regular use in mind.

There are also safety specifications that a hot tub must meet before it can be certified as safe.

When should you turn off your hot tub?

When should you turn off your hot tub?

Just because you should not turn your hot tub off after each use does not mean that you should never turn it off.

Every three months for cleaning

If your hot tub is not in a rental or vacation property, plan on turning it off and draining it every three months or so. Even if you use it year-round, you should drain, clean, and refill your hot tub periodically to keep it sanitary.

You can vary this depending on the use it gets. For example, although my hot tub is on year round, it gets much less use in the summer than in the winter. So I empty and clean it less often during the summer which may just be once in the 6 month summer period. Provided the water chemistry is ok then it isn’t a problem.

When it’s not being used

You also want to be sure to turn off your hot tub if you don’t plan on using it for a while.

For example, if you don’t use your hot tub in the middle of summer, you can turn it off, drain it, and clean it for the season. Then when you’re ready to put the tub back in use, do a quick clean and refill, and you’re ready to start heating the tub again!

Vacation rentals

If your hot tub is in a vacation property or rental property, you are going to need to drain and clean your tub much more frequently. It’s common practice for vacation homeowners to drain and clean their hot tub once each guest checks out. Such regular draining helps to prevent any sanitation problems for new guests in your property.

Although it’s common practice, it’s not always possible to drain and reheat your hot tub between guests, particularly if you are in peak vacation season and need to do a same day turnaround. If you find yourself in this circumstance, it is acceptable to check the water quality and do a partial water change and chemical shock treatment if chemical levels are off.

Hot Tub Maintenance Course

I bought this course some months after I bought my first hot tub and was struggling with maintaining it. It was money well spent.


Should I turn my hot tub down when not in use?

If you know that you will not be using your hot tub for a few weeks, perhaps when going on vacation, then it may be worthwhile lowering the temperature a few degrees. Certainly this is a better idea than turning it off completely as then the water will just become stagnant.

Does turning down hot tub save money?

It will certainly save you money if your turn down the temperature of your hot tub but you should consider that it will not be available to use at a moment’s notice (which is how I tend to use mine) as it will need time to heat up to your preferred temperature.

Do hot tubs turn on automatically?

Hot tub pumps on come on when it is time for a scheduled filter cycle or if the temperature drops sufficiently for the heater to switch on.

JP in Fuerteventura

I have had hot tubs for many years and a pool for the last 8 years. I had to learn how to clean, maintain and fix them the hard way. Since then I have helped many friends and neighbors with their pools and now I want to share everything I have learned with you.

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