Pool Cleaning

Can you vacuum a pool on backwash?

Can You Vacuum a Pool on Backwash?

Getting your first pool, and learning how to clean it yourself, can be quite confusing at first. Learning how to vacuum properly and efficiently is probably the most important thing to learn. So a question many people first have when getting a pool is should I vacuum a pool on backwash or waste or filter? […]

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how to remove air from a pool vacuum hose

How to Remove Air From a Pool Vacuum Hose – Easy Guide

It is important to know how to prime a pool vacuum hose before you start to vacuum a pool to get rid of any air in the vacuum hose. Priming is just a more technical way of saying removing air. There are two ways to remove air from a pool vacuum hose to prevent air […]

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What is the best time of day to run a pool pump?

What Is the Best Time of Day to Run a Pool Pump?

I gave very little thought as to when to run my pool pump when I first had my pool and just let the timer run as it had been set by the previous home owner. Since then I have investigated the subject further and made some adjustments. There are many points of view as to […]

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ho often should I vacuum my pool

How Often Should You Vacuum a Pool? Daily, Weekly or Monthly?

It would be wonderful if a pool would just look after itself so you could put your feet up and lie on a sun lounger instead. Unfortunately that is not the case – unless you can afford a pool service to do all of the work for you. As a general rule, it is normally […]

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Is it difficult to maintain a pool?

How to Keep a Pool Clean Cheaply by Doing it Yourself

8 years ago, when I bought my house, it came with a pool. The previous homeowner used someone to maintain the pool but I decided to do it myself. I am glad I did. Learning how to keep a pool clean cheaply is not very difficult and can be handled by any competent person who […]

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how do pool vacuums work

How Do Pool Vacuums Work?

When I first moved into my house with a pool I hadn’t a clue how do pool vacuums work but I did some research online (as you are doing) and I asked a friend with a pool. This is what I found out. In many ways pool vacuums work just like a regular vacuum you […]

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Should a pool pump run continuously?

Should a Pool Pump Run Continuously?

I certainly wondered should I run my pool pump all the time when I first had a pool and, if not, how long should a pool pump run. I knew it was important that the water in the pool was kept clean but was unsure whether a pool pump should run 24/7 or not. There […]

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What equipment do I need to clean my pool? A beginners guide

Swimming Pool Cleaning Tools – The Essentials

What swimming pool cleaning tools do you need is an important question asked by most new swimming pool owners. Cleaning a pool is not rocket science but you will need some essential swimming pool cleaning equipment to maintain it properly and keep it clean.

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what does a pool skimmer do?

What Does a Pool Skimmer Do? Pool Skimmers Explained

There are many parts of a pool to understand when you first get one in order that you can learn to keep it clean and in good working order. A pool skimmer is one of them and it works in the following way. A pool skimmer creates a current on the surface of a pool […]

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All the Pool Filter Settings Explained – Complete Valve Positions Guide

The many pool filter settings on a multiport valve on a swimming pool sand filter can be pretty confusing when you first get a pool. But, like most things, it is pretty simple once you know. You will soon understand what all of the pool filter valve positions mean. There are normally 6 different pool […]

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