Are Hot Tubs Worth It? Pros and Cons of Owning a Hot Tub




Hot tubs are a popular way to relax and unwind, but many people wonder if they’re worth the cost and effort.

Very few things signal luxury and comfort the way a hot tub does. This backyard destination is the quintessential luxury product that allows you to enjoy a weekend getaway in your home. 

Due to this, there is a huge interest in owning a hot tub. However, before going ahead and taking the plunge, it’s always worth considering whether or not getting a hot tub is the right choice for your situation and lifestyle. 

This article will go over some of the benefits and drawbacks of owning a hot tub so that you can make an informed choice about whether or not it is worth getting one for you!

I have owned hot tubs for over 20 years, so I am rather biased. However, I have put my neutral hat on to write this.

Are Hot Tubs Worth It

Benefits of Hot Tubs

First, we must make the case in favor of hot tubs. These factors will help you understand the rationale and the benefits of getting one. The main reasons are as follows, although, of course, each person may also have their reasons in addition to these. 

The Comfort

Perhaps, most obviously, hot tubs are a great place to relax. The warm bubbling water, the gentle pressure of the jets, and the comfort associated with weightlessly floating are all things offered by the hot tub that are hard to get elsewhere and can be worth a lot to someone looking to unwind on the weekend or after a hard day’s work. 

Not only is this comfort nice as it gives one a chance to relax, but it is also valuable as it can help deal with the stresses of everyday life.

Anyone can go to a spa and enjoy a hot tub. But doing so requires getting ready, scheduling an appointment, driving there, and then driving back. If you have a hot tub at home you can jump right in whenever you are free and feel like it. 

The Recreation

The benefits of a hot tub are not merely restricted to the additional comfort it offers the owner. There is also the fact that by having a hot tub at home, you can have fun socializing with family and friends.

You can be that friend in the social circle who hosts parties in their backyard with a hot tub as the centerpiece. Alternatively, it can be a nice place to relax with your partner or loved ones. The hot tub is not just a vessel for relaxation. In these contexts, it also becomes a means of spending quality time with those close to you. 

With a hot tub in your backyard, the possibilities for social events and gatherings become endless because you have something unique at your disposal.

The (Many) Health Benefits

Hot tubs are not just about chilling or partying. There is a reason that these instruments are so popular at spas and have remained a constant of human culture throughout history. Bathing in a hot tub brings very real and considerable health benefits. There are a few different ones that are especially worth highlighting. 

Firstly, if you suffer from joint pains or arthritis, the hot tub can have a natural pain-relieving effect on your body. This is because the warm water and gentle flow can help relax muscles and improve circulation, leading to a more comfortable day. 

Another benefit is that a hot tub can help you lose a few pounds. This is because the hot water and flow can help burn fat. 

This health benefit is especially worthwhile because you can lose weight without restricting your diet in unnatural ways or committing to exercise that you may not have the time or energy for. 

is a hot tub worth it

Cons of Hot Tubs

Despite the many benefits hot tubs offer, it isn’t all perfect. As with anything in life, advantages come bundled with disadvantages, and hot tubs are no different.

The following is a rundown of some of the biggest disadvantages of having a hot tub that you should consider before deciding whether to buy one. 

The Costs

Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, there is a significant cost related to purchasing and installing a hot tub. Generally, most things worth having in life can cost a fair penny. This is especially true for hot tubs considering their status as a luxury item for comfort and a particular lifestyle.

Depending on your hot tub’s exact model, specifications, and quality, these devices can run to anything between 3000 to 15000 USD. Although this is a wide range, it is also worth considering the fact that installation costs could potentially run into hundreds of dollars or more as it will need a dedicated electrical supply and will need to be sited somewhere solid.

The exact installation cost will depend on a few factors: the size of your hot tub, whether you need to lay a base for the hot tub, and how far from your home it will be situated.

These additional costs are worth considering and taking into account before deciding to go ahead with a hot tub but they are a one-off cost. 

Read more about the installation requirements of a hot tub

The Maintenance

You can purchase the best car, home, or hot tub in the world, but without proper maintenance, all things eventually fall apart. If you want to keep your hot tub in good working order then, of course, you will have to learn how to maintain it. The good news is that it is not rocket science.

The weekly maintenance will probably take you no longer than 15 minutes, if that, and will involve the following:

  • Check the water chemistry: Test and adjust the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine/bromine levels.
  • Check and clean the filter/s
  • Clean around the tub

Occasionally you will need to empty the hot tub, clean it thoroughly and then refill it.

The Space

hot tub pros and cons

Obviously, you need somewhere to set up the hot tub. Assuming you have a home with a garden/yard then you may have a number of options.

There are three types of space you will need for the hot tub,

  • First is the splash zone, where someone might splash water when entering the hot tub, playing around or getting out while dripping water. This space shouldn’t have adjacent electronics or flooring that may be damaged by water.
  • Secondly, you will need space for the hot tub itself. These devices can be big and heavy, so they often require a base to be specifically made for them or if installing it on or in an existing deck this may require strengthening and alteration. Depending on where it will be situated, installing a gravel bed for the hot tub can help with drainage and prevent waterlogging. 
  • And finally, you will need to be able to supply the hot tub with electricity and water so the nearer to the house the easier that may be.

I have had hot tubs in three different locations and never needed to adapt the site to handle the weight of the hot tub plus water. So you may be able to find a suitable site to install a hot tub without any hassle too.

Are inflatable hot tubs worth it?

Inflatable hot tubs can certainly be worthwhile provided you take into account the following:

  • Although they cost significantly less than a regular hot tub, they will not last anywhere near as long. With care, an inflatable hot tub may last 5 years whereas a hard-sided one can last well over 15 years.
  • They will not stand up to very low outside temperatures so many people buy them to use in the winter in their garage or other inside space.
  • They will take longer to heat up initially and will need to work harder to maintain the temperature because they simply do not have the same standard of insulation as regular hot tubs.

There are often some very good deals on inflatable hot tubs. For example, Wal Mart was selling one for just $168 from December 2022 and sold thousands. Users on the various pool and hot tub forums seem very happy with them. Let’s face it, for that price if it only lasts one year it is good value.


If you have made it this far, congratulations. This means you are still interested in getting a hot tub despite the potential cons discussed earlier. In this case, a more relevant question might be, how much are you willing to pay to own this wonderful piece of machinery? 

Before you go ahead, however, there are a few things to keep in mind. No matter how much you feel like saving cash, do not choose the cheapest option. Hot tubs are an investment, and there are significant differences in the quality and lifespan of a cheap hot tub compared to an expensive one. 

A good quality hot tub will last you much longer due to premium components and reduce the risk for maintenance during its operational life. Additionally, a premium hot tub will also come with better warranties and customer support features, meaning that when you inevitably run into issues during installation or operation, you can get help. 

In conclusion, owning a hot tub is an intensely personal decision that depends on your circumstances and needs. By going through a detailed review of the different factors involved in making this decision, you have already made the first step toward purchasing your new hot tub. 

We hope this article helped and wish you the best of luck in this endeavor!

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